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F*****G RAC

  clio 172
Not happy at all, got the car back and missing some splitter and they trying to say it was like that when they recovered it!! Even though i have signed check sheets saying there was nothing wrong with the car when they recovered it!!!! GRRRRRRRRR


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ClioSport Club Member
If it said nothing was wrong with it on the sheet then it's clear cut that you can make a claim that they damaged it.
  clio 172
Yeh, i sent them pictures of it and now they going back to recovery company, it a private recovery company not RAC that the problem with but i have to go through RAC.

It was recovered because power steering pipe had split on the metal part that goes into the pump while i was doing a track day at Mallory park!!!
  E36 328
Is the car insured? Not related, just interested to know if the rac (or aa if anyone knows) recovers cars that aren't insured/taxed/tested?
  clio 172
It is road legal yeh, im not sure if they do. I did a track day at Silverstone last year and the RAC and AA were coming into paddock and repairing cars that wern't tax tested etc so its seems so, depends on your policy maybe
  Williams 3
Similar thing happened to me when they knacked my VX220. Was no hassle whatsoever getting it sorted, at a garage of my choice :)
  clio 172
We'll see what they come back with then, gives me a bit of confidence though cheers