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F***ing taxi drivers!

  Audi S3

The police are always haslting us because we obviously drive dangerously and speed everywhere! but taxi drivers are the worst speeding all the time cuttind poeple up and generally dirving dangeriously!

Well here was me drive ing along at the speed limit (30) when this taxi comes speeding up behind me and tailgates me then goes to overtake! so i thinks not letting u so speed up to stop him then he starts to drift towards me and nearly drives in to me we then stop at a set of trafic lights and he goes of on one at me. WTF :mad: what a w**ker!


yeah its always bad when you negotiate a price for thr journey cos they want it to be over as soon as possible so they can get some more revenue. I nearly died in spain when I did that, no sh*t we were doing 80+ through a town center nr alicante. Never have I been sooo glad to get out of a taxi and into a boarding desk queue.
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

My sister and her mate were threatened by a cab driver then driven around for about an hour, and then told that if they told anyone they would be dead. My sister was so upset, I forced it out of her what happened. She took the reg plate and the make of car. It didnt take me long to track it down. I then ofcourse needed to make sure it was the same driver. So I took my sister and her friend out to the same place where he picked her up. Subtly we ascertained it was the same driver. So now I had a car and a face.

Now, imagine what you would do to someone if they hijacked and threatened YOUR sister for an hour. We did that, and a bit more too.
  VW Potato

i tend not to make sweeping generalisations, but I would like to see drivers of black cabs and mini-cabs dropped into an incinerator, one by one.

Whenever Im walking through London late at night, I get approached by cars zooming across the street, the window rolls down and those immortal words are uttered: "need a cab mate?". What, get into that death-trap? I dont think so, mate. Then, when Im driving out of London, you can tell the mini cabs - Mazda 626, Honda Accord, Nissan Bluebird, Toyota Camry - all have about nine people crammed in, have shagged suspension and for some reason, they all have mis-aligned headlights! Furthermore, they all burn oil, never indicate and are driven with scant regard for the law, other road-users or even their passengers safety.

Now dont even get me started on drivers of black cabs...



  182 Arctic Blue

probably would have been best to just let him past, Ive been in the same situation and you just dont know what sort of nutter is in the car if they drive with such disrespect in the first place to speed and overtake so dangerously and accelerating is probably not the best idea it will just make it worse. It makes me sick if the police payed as much attention to dangerous driving or checking for unroadworthy cars /uninsured drivers as they did on speeding the roads would be a much better place.
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Actually I always refer to myself as we. I actually meant me on my own. And no tools.

Does anybody else ever do that? When ever Im talking to someone about somthing I have done, I always say weve done this or were looking at that.

Or am I a weirdo?


I thought they said "one"?

As in, "One just smashed in the face of one taxi driver who wanted to charge one too much....."

Matt m8.. 2 wrongs n all that.. yep, the guy was a w**ker.. but it is crazy to stop the overtake, you are simply putting other road users in danger.. let the pillock go, just ignore them..

I realise its easier said than done m8.. but leave the idiots to be idiots..

  VW Potato

agree with the Captain - better to have the nutter miles ahead of you than trailing you for miles. If hes going to cause an accident, let it be somewhere else and not involve you.


taxi drivers can be good or bad, depends on your luck.

the taxi drivers in spain are mental. pretty amusing when your totally steaming. However i think in the day time, bricks would have been shat:)
  Audi S3

i know i shoudent have stoped him overtakeing but he wasnt the firt taxi t**t that nite it was the 5th yes count it 5 taxis had done the same thing and it had just F***ed me rite of by that point!

All the taxi driver here are wa**ers!


I was blamed buy a taxi driver for slowing down and the lorry that was up my arse braked skidded and hit the taxi and they both said it was my fault for slowing down but when i tapped a taxi up the bum she was taken off on a spinal board when there was sod all dammage to her car so yes i agree taxi drivers are w***ers

  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

I take your wussy british taxi drivers and piss on them;) Kidding really but you guys have it good.

Imagine this. a clapped out non-roadworthy 15 year old toyota mini bus, drop in a stolen but powerful ford engine, weld some stove pipes onto that so it seems that there is an exhaust system, for style add some worn white wall far so good. Now we take off the steering wheel and attach a wrench so we can slide the drivers seat all the way forward just so that we can squeaze in as many passangers as possible (12 seater busses are known to ferry 16 to 18 passangers at once). Then take this death machine and hurtle it down a freeway at maybe 160 km/h, and when there is a traffic problem, just drive down the emergency lane cos its quicker. To top it off the driver bought his drivers licence for 10 quid.

Also just for fun, they dont use indicators, they use their emergency lights (if youre lucky) to indicate that they intend to perform a manouvre like...maybe...stopping in the middle of a busy road to drop off or pick up some passangers. then drive 50 metres to do the same thing.

The taxi drivers also like to swerve at vehicles to make them back off so they can get into a lane, and when that fails, they just move over till either you have a collision, you back off, or they drive you off the road.

Im sure the other SA people on the forum can share their taxi horror stories, but I can assure you brits, that your taki drivers are nothing compared to the horrors we face on our roads.