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F***kin unmarked police car!

  Abarth Grande Punto

I was driving home from work last night and I was got pulled over by an unmarked police car which was behind me 4 ages and there said I was driving whilst on my mobile, which I was! They also said I was doing 55 in a 30 zone! They gave me a telling off and did the usual where are you going, where u been speel and insurance... is this your car crap! They just left it by saying and I quote "dont drive like a prat cos you dont know whos behind you" and got back in the car!! does this mean I got away with it?! There didnt say I was going to be charged or reported. Im am getting quite anxious as you can imagine!

I need to know my fate!


if what my mum told me is correct and she seems sure, police can no longer do u if they are in unmarked police cars and they can also no longer hide in bushes etc with their gun. they must be visiable

;) sounds like you had a once in a life time meeting with a nice police officer and got off lightly you should have got a ban for driving whilst using a mobile phone thats what it now carries.

i have had three police incidents, the first was totally my fault, driving like the 17 year old dick I was at the time, speeding (70 in a 30) :oops: and then ran a red light as a consequence, cant excuse that behaviour, what a w*nker. Anyway, a scots policeman stopped me, got me up against the wall and totally roasted me for driving like a penis. Left me quite shaken and with some of his spittle in my eye! Suffice to say it did the job and I learned my lesson. No points, no fine.

The second incedent happened a year later when I was doing 45 in a 40 zone (only it was actually a 30 zone and I just assumed wrong) Another copper pulled me and said that if he had got chance to get the gun on me he would have me for speeding and dangerous driving. At the time this was enough to lose my license under the 6-point rule. Again, i got off with a telling off, and I learned my lesson, unless it says 40, its 30.

Anyway, that was years ago and have been driving with due care since. My advice to anyone stopped by police, avoid the fly answers, dont wind them up. Admit that you were in the wrong and apologise, be sincere. That worked for me anyway!


Oh yeah, the third was after a pint of shandy at a local. Copper stopped me on suspicion of drink driving. I admitted to having a pint of shandy, so he breathalised me. Test came back "inconclusive", was the coppers reply. "So unless you want me to take you license off you, leave your car here and walk home". I started to walk home, waited till hed effed off, turned round, and drove home. He was obisouslu pissed off that he had stopped me and that the test had showed I was telling the truth. Again, just admitted I was wrong, he was right, and walking home was perfectly reasonable. c**k!


  Shiny red R32

Apparently, a policeman on his own cant do anything other than give you a warning, there has to be two of them. They also have to be wearing their complete uniform too, so I have been told. The traffic police are absolutely hated by the normal police, a friend of ours is an inspector and said that with them everything is black or white - no grey in between.


Thats not true! There does not need to be two of them. I was also under this impression until recently.


A policeman in uniform means that his authority is being "seen". He needs not to show his warrant card. In other words, if the copper is not in uniform, he can still charge you after showing his little card.

So, GR, be nice to "single" people. You never know "what" they are.

and no matter how pi55ed off you might be, if you are in the wrong you shouldnt "expect" to find an "excuse" (i.e. no uniform, only one copper) to get you off.

The uniform thing cannot be right surely, they have plain clothed police dont they????? And if you are committing a criminal offence I can make a citizens arrest cant I??? and I dont wear a uniform (well only sometimes in special circumstances anyway ;) ;))
  Clio v6

Looks like you got let off this time. Fancy being so daft as to use a mobile phone whilst driving, you might have killed someone.

Still you could have being doing worse things like playing a PS2 or even more stupid like taking pics with your phone.;)

I aint a great fan of the Police most of the time. I drive far to fast most of the time, so I am no saint, but I do side with them when it comes to complete stupidity.

I have a mobile phone and it has many contacts in it, however I dont have the need to just be seen using it even in my car just so people can think I am so popular that I am in such great demand that it cant wait until I am able to take a call safely.

One silly mate of mine even bothers to set his alarm to ring him once he gets in the car. Sad?

I thought there had to be two police officers present, just for the fact that they need to have someone present to verify the story, otherwise the person who was stopped can just claim he is being victimised and has done nothing wrong!!!
  Clio v6

I suppose the above could well be correct. I expect there might be an "It wasnt me", I didnt even get stopped" argument to be made without other persons present.
  Abarth Grande Punto

ON the other hand I have been pulled up about 5 times in the six times I have been driving! twice they had justified reason, but dont you hate it when you get pulled up for nothing!!

You mod your car and make it look nice and you become a police magnet!

What I didnt say in the original post is ...

about half an hour later I was driving down the local high street to get some munch and I noticed a police car behind me and said to my girl, "wouldnt it be funny if they pulled me aswell"

Guess what? THEY DID!! So im thinking to myself What have I done now!

So this time ive got a fully marked car. To cut a long story short the lady officer said "Youve already been pulled tonight. I was like Yes why? she proceeded to say We tried to do a vechile check on your car and its come up unregistered!!

I changed the plates to a cherish one about 3 weeks ago with the DVLA. So the confusion was sorted and I was on my way!

But TWICE in one night within the space of about an hour.

The POLICE are out to get me!!!!:mad:

i always thought there had to be two police officers present to do ya, but after one of my many producers, the final one being issued by a policeman on his own, i was told that policeman on bikes and traffic police as all their cars have camaras and any other vehicle fitted with camaras can get ya. well thats what i was told by a copper in my local police station. but he then also told me that cos i drive a 16v and am reletively young you cant blame police for pulling me, i turned round and that i have worked hard to get the money to be able to drive the car i want, and just cos he is a copper dont mean i think he is a t**t so y class me. he actually went all quite and apologised,ha ha 1-0.
  Clio 197

It is a two way street everybody. You wouldnt mind if the cops were pulling cars over to have a chat with the drivers if your car had just been stolen.

And if they do catch you doing something stupid or speeding a bit, think of all the times you got away with it and worse...


Im actually quite surprised at the lack of times Ive been pulled over, considering my car looks like a crims favourite gettaway car! ;) (Black, black wheels, leather)...

But as for them giving me hassle over the phone and in e-mailos and stuff for supposedly organising cruises...uuurrrrgghhh - man they are out to get you.


  Shiny red R32

Thank you Towser for supporting what I had said earlier! Also a uniformed policeman has to be fully kitted out, why do you think they suddenly put their hats on just before apprehending people? No hat, no arrest. Plain clothes police are different.
  BMW 320d Sport

AFAIK, no there dont have to be two policemen to do you. But if theres only one and you take it to court, theres not a lot of evidence which couldnt be turned over.

Hence most of the time if its only a single officer then youll get a warning. If its two your in more trouble because they can make a charge stick. When prosecuting traffic offences, the CPS have the weigh up the likelihood of making a conviction stick. If theres a fair chance it will be thrown out then they dont bother to prosecute. They only want cases they can win. Which is why I got two traffic charges withdrawn by them when I made it clear to them after a long correspondence that I was not going to be bullied into accepting a fixed penalty and was perfectly happy to go to court and fight it, even if I lost.

I have to agree with Eddd, if my valva was nicked and they pulled the t**sers who pinched it, I would be very impressed. I have been pulled approx 4 times and I have always got away, with being nice, most Policemen have a Attitude test. I know a few and they tell me that when they pull persons over, if you come across as smarmy, cocky, smartarsey or arrogant they will give you a hard time. GIVE THEM THE RESPECT THAT THEY WANT AND YOU WILL GET AWAY.

Police dont have to be in Twos to pull you, the officer will complete a statement that day with descriptions and so forth. So long as he/she has shown you their warrant card that is enough. Traffic Police are harsh, I know a retired one and he done Norman Tebbit for speeding and he took him to court. He didnt give a FCUK.

Ah bless, GR do you really think that no hat no nick thing is true? I think someones got you on a wind up there love.

One way of getting out of a speeding nick is this, and a Black Rat told me this so it must have some truth ( GR, A Black Rat is Met traffic cops b4 you ask, theyll nick their own mothers) Make sure you are definately being stuck on for speeding before trying this, if you try it and you not then theyll do you for something else. When they tell you you were speeding say "Prove it, and ask to see proof that theyre police car was VDId (Vehicle daily inspection) before leaving station", this apparently should have evidence that theyre speedo is properly calibrated to the correct speed. So there you have it, plod car no VDI you no nick but dont quote me on that. Did you also know that all plod cars are going to be silver now.

Another way to get round a nick off a Gatso is to have a new number plate made up for the rear of your car, when you have it made though make it one digit out, J425 MLF becomes J425 MLP. When you get flashed the ticket goes off to the car with that reg, the chances itll be another Blue 16v are a million to one so when Mr McDougal and his white Nissan Micra with the same reg recieves the fine he wont know anything about it and will protest it . If in the meantime you get a tug and Plods PNC check dont tally with your Clios Reg act the innocent and say someone nicked your rear plate one night so I had another made at Halfords, the muppet must have got it wrong "Sorry I didnt check orrificer" Because this is a non endorsable offence you will recieve at worst a £30 fine but no points plus no insurance hike.

Failling that if the copper aint got his hat on then your in the clear anyway;)
  Fiesta TDCI

Of course unmarked cars can do you...... providing the speedo has been calibrated! The area cars Astras and the likes dont have the speedos calibrated.