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"f7P 1.8 engine timing marks.

  Clio track car
Hi can someone please tell me what position the crankshaft should be in when setting tdc. I have seen somewhere that the woodruff key is at the top and somewhere else it says at the bottom , if I fit the crank locking pin the number 1 piston goes a couple of teeth past tdc. Whereas if I set the key way to the top I can get tdc on number 1 piston , ,,, confused ! David.
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How you check your at TDC is off the gearbox marks .
There is a cut mark in the flywheel and a zero point in the box .
The pin slots in at that point and only when at tdc number 1 .
You can confirm by where the rotor is on the distributor cap , firing cylinder 1 is closest to flywheel end.

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Forget the woodruff key , it doesn’t come into play at all .
The cut mark on the flywheel is the only tdc mark you are concerned with to time it correctly.

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  Clio track car
So what about the locking pin? If I fit that the number 1 piston goes slightly passed tdc.


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Whats the issue bud, recently did the belt on mine with just the Haynes manual, just align all the marks and use the pin?