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FAO 200 owners..

  Italian 3.2 V6
I know its still early doors but by any chance has anyone had there 200 on a RR?

just want to know what type of results/figures the 200's are getting? are they as poor as alot of 197's are?

  GTD, Lupo
I might be getting mine done on the 7th nov so can tellyou then. Dont think it will be anywhere near 197 :)

  Williams 3
Renault marketing department have an appalling record for spouting bullsheet, in an attempt to big up the car they are selling.

Clio 172 being 172bhp - it wasn't
Clio 182 being 182bhp - it wasn't
Clio 197 diffuser being functional - it isn't

etc etc


ClioSport Club Member
LOL, you aint giving up on that diffuser.

The power figures i can kind of sympathise with but until you get me windtunnel based proof its just assumption on your part.


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio trophy
i know the diffuser worked. i felt a MAJOR difference on the stability on windy days.