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FAO all welsh Members

I am indeed THAT random Welsh guy ! I drive (at the moment) a Black 172 but of course you already knew that...............

Mike, that makes you Welsh, I knew you were a pedigree, welcome to our elite club !

Gaz2130 is from North Wales, I am sure DynamiqueDick is Welsh too or lives in Wales somewhere, one of the Dynamique boys anyway.

I can see Wales from my upstairs window, my mums Welsh (Cardiff), my mum-in-law is Welsh (Merthyr) and I like leeks.

Cyfarchion o Loegr! Yn wreiddiol, or de ydw i, ond yn astudio ym mhrifysgol Bryste ar y pryd. Gyraf 16v du gyda lledr - a mi rydw in dychwelyd i ardal Gaerdydd o bryd iw gilydd.

Pete and I were thinking March as its diffcult to get a good number of people together while its still dark/wet.

What do you think?

im a born and bred sheep seducer, if there are any meets planned in wales let me know. Im from cardiff btw.

Im from Dinas Powys (near Cardiff) - is a black 172 Mk2 with private reg something like IAZ **** (?) on here? Saw it the other day in my village.