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FAO anyone travelling to FCS

  07 Campus Sport 1.2
You guys may have a slight issue, particularly if coming in from the Kettering side of Corby, both of the main routes to Rockingham from the main roundabout outside Corby are currently being "surface dressed". It was supposed to be finished today, but the roads are still bare, very dusty and gritty, so all of your nive clean clios are gonna get filthy and covered in stone chips. So ive made you some maps to show you the route most sat navs will take you, and then an alternative dust and stone chip free route.
For the starting point ive used the Premier Inn Hotel where a lot of you are staying, this is on the main rounadabout into Corby from Kettering so anyone coming from there, this will still apply.

Expected Sat Nav route number 1

Expected Sat Nav route number 2

The route you should all take :p

Oakley Road is being resurfaced between the two rounadabouts and Uppingham Road is being Resurfaced in various places so both are best avoided.