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FAO Anyone with Tints

  Lionel Richie

I’m getting my car tinted on Wednesday for £180+VAT, but when I rang the insurance company, I was told it would be an extra £100!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Has anyone not declared them??? Has anyone else had their premium wacked up cos of tints????

How can they put it up??? thats horse.... I wouldnt even bother telling them if I were you... Whats it do make you go faster? LOL maybe its for insurance against a smashed window and retinting if so just say you just want to be insured for the glass.... Where you getting them done fred I wanted mine done soon

Fred! why didnt you tell me about this, and what about JillyB too? :eek:

Youd better show us the finished result and give us the contact details matey! :mad:


but if it is security film surely the insurance should come down?????? robbin barstewards thats what insurance companies are!!
  Silver Fabia vRS

Moral hazard my arse! More like insurance taking the pi$$. Mate Im sure they get enough money out of you already so why give them more. If they ask it came out of Renault like that.