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FAO Ben R..

  7.6cc :D

What colour is the shirt, is it clean?

Ill be round to pick up your car, when you have finished the turbo thing, so get a move on!

no probs i think..............

i can check for you no problems, and get piccies etc.

only problem is if i have them in stock........

a 69 911!!!!

lets pray, but i doubt it!

i can get pics of the earliest covers we do though, and anything thats small enough.

will the mounting holes line up, or do you have an adaptor planned?

i can also supply teh specs to a mate and see if he has any AP ones and give you teh part No.

Rang AP (uk). not helpful at all.. yer pal maybe.

the Porker 215 mm clutch has a following in the states, I can get a 270 foot/pound cover for less than 100 dollars.

Will need redrilling on the flywheel, but thats no problem. main thing is if it will fit !.

I think it was only the 914 and early 911s that used the 215 mm unit..

Cheers m8.

ps, Jilly.. you would hurt yerself with all that power from the turbo 172 lol !