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I called back into the renault garage to ask them why they fitted the twin CAT to my MK2 172. They checked and then told me the old cat had been superseeded. Not sure if i believe this or not. BUt the price for the CAT they fitted to my car was £761.28+vat, the single CAT is just ver £400. I got them to print me a copy of the invoice out.

here are the details from the invoice

go replace cat converter 1393 £29.68

downpipe Exh C3 6000073701 £730.00

gasket f/pipe GA 7700823540 £1.60

Exxxx...cellent *monty burn voice*

i will forward this and see what they say.

suprseeded....LOL.....i guess that once the car has passes the Euro 3 emissions, they can now retro fit the new u feel any more power?

do the cups come with the new cats or old ones?

hmmmm....why bother ifxing it if it aint broke....well, not in your


teady mk2 172 should have 1 big cat not the dual smaller cats that the mk1 has

i asked him what the clio cup came with said he didnt know, any cup owner do you have a single or double CAT??

as for power didnt notice any difference, although was nice when fitted as id been driving round at <5krpm due to the exhaust blowing so much

So assume that by the way Ben worded his question, that the double cat is less restrictive than the big single one??

the MK1 dual cat certinely is......

we reto fit mk1 cats to mk2 cars of we get a writeoff mk1......weld in a 2nd sensor boss.....easy peasy.

the reason MK2s have twin cats is due to euro 3 stds......they are the same as euro2 but without the 5 min warmup time, so the cats have to start working asap, hence the one getting up to temp before 2 will....and its also why the mk2s run rought on startup.


  Shiny red R32

I see in the current Auto Express that the new V6 Clio has new cats fitted which comply with strict Euro 4 emission standards. What is the difference between 3 and 4 Ben?

Noticed too that this gorgeous V6 reaches 60mph in less than 6 seconds and has 255 bhp. I will have to have one of these for shopping! ;)

euro 4 is just tougher emissions froma cold start.....i.e. leanburn

and yup, itll be dead fst with 260bhp, with an easy 285 from the renault sport trophy kit!