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FAO DannyBoy

Noticed your post about going to Renault in Canterbury. Is that where you live, cos i live about 5 minutes away from that dealership?


i live in london mainly, but my mum lives in herne bay, so im down there most weekends, and canterbury is just a few mins away. I chose to get my car down there cos the interest rates are lower than in london + i didnt have to wait as long + the staff are soooo much betta, helpful, polite, and try there best to keep u happy, unlike london, where they are rude and arrogant! Well have to meet up fella!

Cool, yeah things are generally a lt cheaper down here (I live in surrey when i am not at uni) And yeah the staff are nice down here and really quick, fuxed my friends clio on the spot within about an hour.

Yeah we should, mail me when you are next coming down"> :)