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FAO: Dash and Anders

  Williams 2, STi N12

Fantastic fun..get to razz round in it then if I dont like something the boys go away and change it.

If you are thinking of buying one then wait till the Mk2 is out.
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Well, the problem is that I do not like the Mk2 face. OK, it maybe more powerful, and setup better than the Mk1 but looks are pretty important also. I havent actually seen the Mk2 V6 but I assume it has the same front as the Mk2 172s and others.

Anders, I am loosely looking around for a new job at the moment, ideally would like somthing in a car environment - preferably doing web deign, e-marketing that sort of thing. Know of anything where you are?

Cheers mate.

  Clio v6

I too am not keen on the Mk2 front. I took a cancelled order just incase I ended up getting the new one.

The V6 is fantasic indeed, its REALLY a lot faster the my 172 was. The EVO tester said similar this month " what the figures on paper say about the slight differences in the 172&V6 is basically wrong" and he stresses that the cars are TOTALLY different.

I aint no expert driver, as I always admit. I go by " Wow! this is a hell of a lot quicker" and "This feels safe" (or not of course).

What you need to do is try a V6 for a good run. If your near me I wouldnt mind taking you up the road for a drive.

Also ask Niels opinion on the V6.
  Clio v6

No problem.

I have had a few 172s try their best to gain on me but failed. But that doesnt really give them a good idea of what the car is like overall. Straight line speed isnt all there is to enjoy a car.

If the V6 was the fastest Renault on the road, I wouldnt have one if I didnt like any of its other characterists.
  Clio v6

Oh by the way I forgot to mention that my car isnt without faults.

Booked in to dealers next week :

Brake squeel low speeds.

Drivers window ticks when open a little.

Air bag and serv indicator stays on if the car is wet ( raining or after being washed )

Clutch pedal creeks like a horror movie door.

Steering rocks a little at 140mph ( or so Im told

Refering back to the Fast Fleet tester for EVO, he also reckons the V6 is built a lot better than the 172. I read this and thought "Hmmmmm?"
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Cheers m8. Wooo Hoooo.

Actually Dash my car has given my any troubles for about 2 months now touch wood but the first few months it was back a forward to Renault in Basildon getting little niggly bits sorted.
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Anders, The latest copy of Autoexpress says that TWR wont be building the lastest V6 and it is being built by Reanultsport now. Why is this ?
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Dash, whereabouts are u located then?

Im seriously starting to want one.

Thanks for the responses all.


I had a 5 or 10 minute drive in Neils V6 last night (me driving!!!) and I can definitely confirm that the whole driving experience is completely different from the 172.

It is really bizarre with the dash etc being exactly the same, but the feel of the car is completely different... the six speed box is smooth as anything on the change, the acceleration is much more pronounced, the brakes are far better, the in-car sound is amazing (and not as loud as you would expect).

It is basically a completely different car to drive (and definitely in a good way!!!)
  Clio v6

I am located in Southend-on-Sea.

Just head south east and follow any slammed motor with silly neons. You will probably end up on the seafront
  Williams 2, STi N12

I dont really get involved with the manufacturing side of things but I do recall a huge disagreement at the Swedish factory during the Mk1 production run that stopped the assembly lines of the V6 and C70. It may have something to do with that I cant say for sure. Or it could be just a simple case of keeping everything in-house so Renault can oversee and control the build process. Your guess is as good as mine.