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FAO. everyone going to the northern r/r day

  williams and trophy

what is everybody expecting to get powerwise at the r/r day?
il be happy if i get 130 @ the wheels
  TT 225

Hiya Jon

I know mine gets 130 at the wheels cos I had it RRd when i bought it, to check the timing n fueling and stuff

But look forward to meeting you guys at the RR day
  TT 225

And whilst youre here, i got my phone fixed now so I wont completely ignore your texts Sorry bout that.

Been to Rochdale recently? Text me and I promise to reply

Just a note of mild caution

the rollers at Bury are spot on accurate.

If your car is std, then I very much doubt 130 @ Wheels.

if you have played with it - a lot.. then who knows..

a std 172 will give about 130 ish at the wheels.

  Skoda Fabia vRS

o, an that wont be at the wheels will it

how do you work out power at the wheels off the fly figure ?

Ya dont brun LOL

ya work the power at the flywheel from the TORQUE at the wheels, the RR ONLY measures torque..

from torque at the wheels, you can calculate NHP, and then from a process of cosat down testing, you can tell the power lost by the transmission / tyres etc...


Im hoping to get 350bhp at the wheels with my disconnected airbox piping, lowering springs, clear side-repeaters, mesh and, of course, my sticker


Rhys LMAO !!

I think you may be juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust a tad optimistic.. but who knows the power of the CS sticker..

in fact, heres the deal.. someone bring some spankin new CS small stickers, and i will buy one !!


Sorry Dood ...

I got the plans for a genuine KJ66 in fronto me... with the ORIGINAL Calor gas container as the casing..... sooooooooo...

dont give me these negative waved dood


Im looking for 140bhp@wheels.

Joe what rolling loss percentage you looking at seems a little high.

At Cooper and West my car made 143bhp@wheels
  320d M Sport

Seriously Im hoping for around the 140 mark??? I would imagine most would put up a v similar result??

  williams and trophy

will be interesting to find out.cpt . have they got any scales there cos then with ur calcs n my 1/4 times ul be able to tell me wot bhp ive got wont ya? cudda saved meself some money there lol
  TT 225

Captain, I know these rollers are spot on cos thats where I had my car done in the first place so I defo have 130 at the wheels

Ken at RE has always done all my car mechanical work cos Id trust him with my life! (mebbe, lol)

Hes a sorted bloke, you can ask him anything and he will explain it to you, and show you how everything works

Kelly, which rollers ??.. Ken has replaced the old set - definitely not as accurate.. with a new constant load system (Ex GRV), and this is only in the last few months..

  TT 225

Captain, my dear. I know he has new rollers He did it for me bout 4 weeks ago, only got the clio about 6 weeks ago

I have the print out if you dont believe me? LOL

Bloody ell, like and interrogation this
  TT 225

Im in work tho! Its in the car at home. Tell you what. I scan it in tonight and then post it, but im not sure what time I will be home.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

Kel i know your probably in bed now an forgot about it, but try an remember to scan it when you can pwease
  williams and trophy

when i tried organising one the other year grv......they had just started refurbing it n told me to go back 2 mths later........when i did they told me grv had now moved to re in bury.
  mk2 172

anyways, its the 1/4 mile slip that counts, all this torque of rolling roads needs proving on the strip, after all, we wanna know its power to brag about acceleration prowess, spo what better way.

  mk2 172

oh yeah, make sure the load weight of your car is spot on what they put in, thats a trick they use to not disappoint people when theres a club meet or summat, thats why theres loadsa novas driving around with 190bhp Donning only a K&N, lol