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FAO Geoff

  Silver Fabia vRS

Well I got mine from R-Tec in St Albans but the UK Importer is a company called Autopart (I think). The phone number for them is 01268 560126 but I had to wait 6 weeks for mine. As a last resort R-Tecs number is 01727 790100 and Paul is a safe bet and usually the person I speak to.

Hope this helps you out!


M8.. I just gotta say that your post should be held up as a model of what to do on the nets forums..

sorry if I am ramblin.. but its so nice to hear someone say please etc in a post, that I felt I must comment.. we all try to abbreviate (Why ??.. is abbreviate such a long word huh ?? - Dunno was the stern reply).. text messaging etc... email,, forums..

often, early on, the politeness is dropped in favour of speed...

Yet, we still know what is socially accepted most everywhere..

Nice one dood !

thats what its all about.....

Have one on me dooooood.