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FAO: Jas and other moderators

  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Hi All,

Now not wishing to patronise you or anything, but I have myself run my own car site for 4 years now, together with a forum etc etc, so I thought I would just give you a bit of advice.

When I first started visiting this forum back in Nov 01, I liked it. It seemed full of intelligent, car enthusiasts who loved talking cars and did anything to help out. However over the last month or so, its gone badly downhill. I mean take a newcomer - a new 172 owner for example. All he sees at the moment is arguing, people calling each other names, sl*gging off cars etc etc. Hardly an incentive to join your club.

Strikes me there are 3 types of people on here.

-The people who know exactly what theyre talking about and dont have to keep rabitting on about races and mods etc.
-The people who rabbit on about racing all the time, and dont particularly contribute anything helpful
-The people who simply come here to wind people up because they have too much time on their hands. However, its the group 2 people who argue and bikker back, which gives these type of people the incentive to keep winding you all up.

I cant understand why forums get like this. I spose its due to lots of competitive young males fighting each other for supremacy, but what amuses me the most is that most of you think you can use the internet to protect your anonymity, when in fact for group 1 type people, it is so easy to trace who anybody is on the net.

So I have some suggestions:

-Stop crapping on about racing this that and the other all the time. Perhaps a new Forum could be setup specifically for these people who want to rant on about what theyve beaten last night.
-Vet new memberships to this board. I mean I think at the moment anyone can just sign up and post straight away. This invites anaymous cowards to post crap and starting winding people up.
-Ignore group 3 people. That way they will disappear as they are gaining no satisfaction from winding you up.

Just some thoughts for a better forum, and to make a successful club, more successful.



  Shiny red R32

Well said Paul! Maybe another forum is needed for the guys who are re-badging their cars to make them look like something they arent! That should then keep them all together.
  Clio 197


You are so right. This could be a great site and there are plenty of genuine posters here. There is also a whole load of bullsh*te that really detracts.

Yep Im an old fart with a Willy that I find quite enjoyable. Ive tried to get some good solid information here and have come up damn near empty handed. I am a bit disappointed to say the least.

Ill be better after a few more laps of the ring...

I come on here quite simply because its the best Clio resource on the internet, and its good to chat to peeps with the same car as me etc...

It doesnt bother me all this mines faster than yours blah, I just ignore it!

You dont want to read it dont click on it....
  Silver Fabia vRS

Thing is this is the problem with any forum.

It starts off with a few people purely interested in decent conversation but as the club has got bigger it has attracted other people, who some may say are idiots. Im not saying I agree or disagree but see your points of view.

I used to be an avid fan of the EVO forum and Scoobynet but over the past few months the posts have become very much like this one, it is something that is hard to stop. Perhaps it is a sign of a successful club?

Jas is working hard to move over to the new forum and it will give a few more tricks up our sleeve but please remember....this club is run for enthusiasts by enthusiasts and as such have lives outside of the club! We do have to maintain relationships, houses, friendships as well as run the club and sometimes I think people forget this. Things will be tough at the end of August/Start of September as Jas and myself are off to Spain on holiday with our respective partners!

i think i agree with tumrud, as long as someone can still come on here, and ask a serious question and get a serious answer.. the rest is nothing to worry about.

  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

At the same time - you obviously like owning a fast car and if thats true you get a kick out of driving fast yes? Well if this is also true you get a kick out of racing other cars, so really - its pretty harmless when people make a simple post about a car they beat last night or something - simply because its exciting being able to tell other Clio/Renault owners that the car we all drive and love saw off a Scooby or whatever....

Fair enough - a 1.2 beating an Evo, that was a really embarrassing post and i think should be deleted, but some of them are just genuine enthusiasts, not driving dangerously or acting about but just testing the performance of their car against other performance cars out there.

I do agree with a lot of things though, its good to hear peoples opinions about things like this!
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Thanks god for that, some intelligent useful responses.

Point taken about personal lives etc. I was not saying it to put you under pressure, as I myself know about the commitment involved.

Also, I take your point Nick G. That is why I suggested a separate forum. And do not get me wrong I dont really have a problem with the race postings, its just seems to be so many of them, the majority of which seem to degrade into a slanging match. I really think a seaparate "experiences behind the wheel" forum is required. That way this forum can be left for technical advice help and other general stuff.

Im glad to see that people have seen my comments as constructive rather than destructive.



ClioSport Admin
  Maserati Ghibli S

I agree with some of the above points.

This forum is already vetted, you have to supply a valid email address in order to get your password. I also get an email for each new user that signs up so I can manually check they arent trouble makers. IP addresses are also stored for each posting. Only twice have I ever had to delete people who tried to deliberately stir trouble.

On the new forum perhaps we can have 1 or 2 new topics where people can post about the races they had last night, and keep that sort of posts away from the main (possibly more important?) postings.

Also, things will get tougher on the new forum as there will be a couple more moderators making sure the forum is used correctly. Anyone not using it properly will get busted down to read-only, although I dont really see this happening.

I still think this forum has the best bunch of people on it of any other forum I read or ever have read. And hopefully itll stay that way.



ClioSport Club Member
  Clio v6

Well said Jas.

You already know Im in favour of other topics ie; "Was this you I seen" and "I raced a Diablo and won" Hmmmmm!

Encourgement to use the SEARCH facility might be advertised a wee bit more. There is a wealth of very good advice to be found on this forum.
  Ford Focus 1.4 LX

As a regular reader of Scoobynet as well as this forum, the Scoobynet forum had got quite bad, but the owner, Simon de Banke, has now become alot stricter about moderation, making sure posts are in the right forums, and are locked or deleted if they are libel-worthy or offensive.

This has made it alot better IMO. On the more popular topics they have 3 or 4 moderators to sort out the cr@p.


Anybody that uses Cruiseboard will of seen it degenerating over the last few months (due to popularity really). As a result they have had to set up a forum just for people to use to talk utter sh*te. So far it has worked as all the other boards have cleaned up.

It already had a general chat area (like our off topic forum), but that became more of a "what did you have for tea" and "whats your favourite sexual position" forum, rather than something mildly related to cars. Ended up you spent hours trwling through the sh*te. At least its all in one place now
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Why not have a members only forum - read-only for everyone else, with some reasonably strict guidelines as to content. Creates a rather more tangible incentive to behave, as members are easily identified.

I agree something has to be done, this forum is fast coming down to the level of the Saxo board. Have a look at it, its a joke!

Dont believe in the members only forum, youve got to tread the fine line between scoobynet and the highly anal

Dont think its fir to say its getting as bad as the Saxo one.

You dont want too many forums tho. There would end up being so little in some that you would link them up again. Its a case of finding a happy middle.

A "Help" or "advice" forum would be better than a "look what i toasted forum". This way you keep the more important topics together.
General is just well general so your always gonna end up with anything in there.

Still cant complain bout the site tho, think more thanking should take place.



I agree with what U have said and the origional. I was a read only merchant for about a year off and on and only joined when in reciept of my secound 172.

Have thoroughly enjoyed the majority of posts but have to say that over the last few months there are too many "toasted this or that"


Some extra moderation would perhaps be welcome. Would a vote be out the question?????

Just to play Devils Advocate for a moment - what will everyone talk about if we cannot mention racing other cars or modifying?

It is a forum, after all - if you moderate too heavily it just becomes boring. The only thing I object to is people who get rude. Just no need for it. When someone makes a silly claim like beating an Evo in a 1.2 or whatever, the group sorts it out by having a good laugh at them! If they then want to be rude to people, tell em off, kick em off or whatever....!

Ah well.....just my thoughts....


to be fair i can only think of 4 idiots who spoiled this great, helpful and friendly forum from the last few month. The majority of members on this board are great
  CTR EK9 turbo

Just for my opinion. I aggree with rt I like the forum as it is. Its only a problem when fools say they toast evos etc. but as rt said they just get laughed at. If it caused such offense to individuals, why did they read it? and or comment? i find it highly entertaining to be honest and laugh just reading such claims. I also am a fan of the "toasted" posts, as ive posted many myself and get some response, and enjoy reading other - reasonable claims that other people with the same car do. The good thing about this forum is that there is the off-topic forum for things like "what did you have for tea" and "i just did a poo" etc. there are the mechanical and technical ones and meetings etc. I think the forum works very well - thats why i come and have a look everyday! as does everyone else. In fact, i think that the "toasted this..." ones are the most interesting threads as its usually the first one that ill click on after i go into general. Just my thoughts.

I could not agree more on the points raised by pmitchell and JAS. I got completely fed up with all the continual postings about "I toasted this / had a race with that" Any outsiders would think you were talking about a day driving a supercar at the Nurburg ring, not everyday driving in a Clio! Some of the comparisons are quite laughable - well and truly in the realms of fantasy! (1.2s vs EVOs, Willy V 225 quattros) I agree car tuning has become very popular, cars are cheaper and have become more afordable to all drivers, and there are a lot of keen enthusiastic people out there, but if you must live in this (dangerous on public roads) fantasy land, may be a seperate forum should be created for it (and it should be done on a racetrack) It would allow the rest of us to get on with some normal and interesting conversation about the cars and ownership experiences. With the benefit of a few years hindsight, you will realise how stupid some of the posts and antics described have been. Thats not to say that there arent plenty of sensible Clio owners out there, just seems that the forums get clogged up with all the bullsxxxxrs out there!

I ran Clios for 3 years, but I never made it to a single meeting, as all those memories of watching nutters doing tyre burn outs along Southend seafront reminded me it aint worth it!
The Cliosport French trip sounded great though!

Ive sold my RSi but am looking for another cheaper one to use as a runabout, so Ive not deserted Clios altogether! Definately good cars!


ClioSport Club Member

Ive only just got my motor, but I am addicted to this forum - I cant go more than a couple of hours without having a look to see what posts people have put on.

People will always abuse the facilities and its just something we have to live with, for example old muppet boy himself "2fast4u" sl*gging off 16vs etc. At the end of the day weve all got renaults so why not discuss constructive and helpful things instead of bragging about badged up 1.0 shopping trolleys whooping the ass of a ferrari or whatever.

Lets the idiots have their say - anyone with a shred of common sense knows theyre talking bollox!

Unfortunately some people take the bait too easy and get wound up which is what the muppet boys want! lets all just chill a bit.

BTW will somebody please adjust my torsion bar!!!!