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Hi Mate

Just a thought when I was cleaning the inside of my car yesterday!

What about orderin some grey car mats, but with the cliosport sticker design embroided on them?

Make anyones car a bit sportier, as just plain grey ones came with my 172.

What do yer think?


It is hard to get good quality thick mats so this would be excellent if they were made to fit the Clio. Would be interested.


ClioSport Admin
  Maserati Ghibli S

If anyone has any ideas on a company that can help us with the mats, let me know. Also if anyone wants to approach them on the clubs behalf it might get them sorted quicker (as Im a bit busy at the mo).

Cheers guys
  Clio v6

01488 689400

A great idea mats. I would like to dress up now and then, I just use Clio rubber mats day to day.
  172 Cup

I contacted Autostyle about 2 months ago regarding mats with the club logo on (hope you dont mind Jas). Never heard anything from them again. If someone else wants to try they may respond this time.



ClioSport Admin
  Maserati Ghibli S

Thats fine Griff. Who wants to phone them up and ask again? I reckon a 10-20% discount sounds about right if we order direct from them.
  Silver Fabia vRS

I had a sh1t time with them when I ordered mats for my Clio. They wouldnt fit so I asked for a refund. They turned around and said they wouldnt give me one and I would have to draw and outline of my footwell so they could make mats to fit mine. I said I still wanted a refund and after arguing with someone for about 1/2 an hour they agreed.

I asked them to send a SAE so I could return them and basically this took 3 months and 10 phone calls to get. Not very impressed but they are about the only company I know who make custom mats.