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FAO Mechanically Minded

  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

My Clio should be going in this week to have the box done. As its an engine out job, was wondering if theres anything else I may as well get done?? I was thinking cam belt and engine mounts??? Anyone on here know the price of engine mounts for a Williams???
  Clio 200 FF

id have the clutch changed at the same time if its gotting on a bit, price up the belts change and ask them to check mounts, etc

deffo ANYTHING that you can do with the engine out.....

Mounts only if they are worn, deffo clutch and deffo the cambelt.

sneaky way of doing the cambelt without taking it off is to cut the old one down the middle to make it 1/2 as thick, then slip the new belt onto the exposed 1/2, cut the old one off......slip new one fully on....YAY! need to touch the timing.

yeah my uncle told me that after i rang him up the first time i did one effign and blinding about how i couldnt be 100% sure id done it properly! saves so much worry!