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FAO Nick Read

have you had your replacement BMC kit back yet, just wondering how its going as as soon as I have the money I will be getting one.
  BMW 320d Sport

Well Ive sent back the one that they sent me which was wrong. You wouldnt have thought it would be that difficult for the distributors to get right - I put in an order for a custom sized (short but fat) BMW 3.0 Z3 box - and then ended up getting the smallest and puniest of their standard boxes...morons.

Oh well, now Im just waiting, Ive got a load of stuff to fettle with when I get it back with a new gearbox in - got to fit a boost r****d unit and wire it into the progressive controller, ditch the airbox and hook up this new CDA if it ever arrives, still waiting on Samco to send my yellow throttle body-CDA hose.

nick what sort of power are you putting out these days, im a bit out of date on what you have done latley but i think you said it should exceed the 225BHP that nick goodalls GGT is making,

also has it been on the strip recently? any sub-15 sewcond runs?

  BMW 320d Sport

Ive had no luck with quarter mile runs since last year before I got the nitrous in the autumn. At the moment I suspect its knocking out around 250 at the flywheel, 200+ at the wheels. Its quick enough to keep up with a Scooby RB5, put it that way.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

Nick come to the RR day im organisin so we can all find out

its probably gonna be at RE Performance Centre which has a very good reputation up here for being VERY accurate