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hiya jaine

i was the t**t who tryed to flash you in the black 172, i fink i made a bit of a meal of it as i started the wipers going at the same time . sorry if i confused u at the time. early morning starts arent the best for me. me name is mario (tubs is wat most peeps call me cos of me...eerr... size. me not exactly small) as for the motor it gets called many a name most of them cant be posted but mostly its called jack (after me mates black pitbull/staf cross, it has the same attitude, moody and agressive.).

me work in the abbey most of the time in da offices opposite the barclays.


p.s please excuse the spelling. im a bit dyslexic plus it too early in da morning.

Well greetings!! Nice to meet you. I live in Upshire so always round abbey. Didnt notice the wiper incident so you looked cool to me! See you soon xx Squirt ( my car) says hello to Jack