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FAO Scooby Geeks!! MY02/MY03 WTF

  320d M Sport

Not strictly on topic but my mates gettin his Scooby Very soon, so I suppose its clio related (Ill be giving it some right foot from now on u see).

Anyway, what THE HELL is all this MY98 blah blah, is it purely the year its made or what???? Just how is my 172 gonna compare.....from 60 i know im dead, how about from 30? Ive beat an Elise from 30ish to about 100....

Answers on a postcard please!



MY stands for model year. The original scooby used a phase one boxer engine, and had the rank seats etc up until the MY97( what I had ), which came with buckets and the mildly revised Phase 2 boxer engine as well as a few other minor differences. MY99 was again slightly revised, with minor cosmetic changes and slightly shorter gear lever throw etc.

The along came the MY01, which is our heavier and slower, bug-eyed friend.

The engines are basically the same, as are the power outputs. Check out and look for the dyno page, thered be loads of RR graphs, some of which are mine!

Your 172 isnt going to be far off the pace of most standard scoobies, but they are slightly faster overall.
  320d M Sport

Cheers Pal!

when u say "far off the pace",surely u dont mean off the lights?? Im expecting to get nailed......?

Absolutely, Mike, I really only race cars that are far quicker than mine, theres nothing like being mullered by supercars( or supermodels...)! The scooby is unbelieavable to launch, like a champagne cork! But, give it a go, I certainly would!!
  320d M Sport

Dont get me wrong! Ive been dying to race one for ages......Ill put the (unevitable) results up in a few weeks.......hopefully hell fluff his gearchange.