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FAO: wallisj

Jamie - whats the scoop on the work Nick Hill has been doing on your 172 (suspension, induction kit, chip, etc.) ??

The current scoop.....

The car was lowered a couple of months ago using AVO 35mm springs and we had a little problem with rear scrubbing (cos i have 17"s), avo are currently producing a set of 25mm springs to compensate, and i think i am gonna just get a new set of rear shocks to solve my problem

Nick hill recomended Tarox disks and pads for fronts....these are superb...virtually zero brake dust (my alloys have been clean for a week of hard driving)
Braking force is much sharper and feels very nice, looking forward to the track on friday

The Induction kit is fed by 2 cold air pipes, one in the front fog light and one underbody scoop...sounds brutal...very loud...people will here on friday
The ECU/revised engine map is currently in development and should be ready soon...the initial findings seemed to be a consistent reduction of 1/4 mile time of around .7 seconds.

Hopefully i can get it rolling roaded very soon so we can see how much more there is to gain before its released and also whether its actually viable.

Will post updates when i had some. Nick will not release anything which doesnt do what it says on the tin, so to say


Thanks for the reply Jamie! What exhaust system do you have fitted or are thinking of fitting?

Any idea when the chip/springs will be ready?

The springs will be available in about 7 weeks (last time i spoke to nick)

The chip should be about the same....a couple of months