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Fappin horse box!

There was me & Squirt making our way down a country road near home when a Volvo towing a horse box comes along, I got right over as far as possible without going in the hedge & the b**ch came towards me, then I realised she hadnt a clue how to drive & just as the volvo cleared me she started to pull back in & ....CRUNCH!!! Horse nox in side of car? I could not even get out for a minute as I thought she had taken the rear valance off but anger overcame me & out I jumped. Could not believe my eyes when I saw NO damage ! Spooky. Then when I looked closer saw she had taken a chunk out of the brand new alloys. They had actually saved the car.
The tart would not get out of the car but sent her snotty husband up to me. By now I think I was in shock a bit & told him he would have to pay for refurb of wheel. I stupidly only took his name & number which turned out to be dud. b****cks.
The End.
p.s anyone live in sawbridgeworth & know a pale blue volvo estate with a dipsh*t driving it?

Inform the police. If you find them theyll get shafted! I take it you didnt get the Reggy?

I think its against the law to give dodgy info in the event of an accident!


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Keep a digital camera with you and take pictures of cars/number plates and the people too if you are at all suspicious of them, if there is a bump.

Good Luck Squirt & Jaine.

digital camera is the way to go bit late now though! thats wot i done look on sipix blink camera only £40 keep it in the glovebox!

Bad news - sorry to here that. Glad the bodywork survived.

"volvo estate with a dipsh*t driving it?" - isnt this all volvos ?
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I always keep a disposable camera in my glovebox, cheaper than a digital one. (Used to be a Scout e.g the Scout moto "be prepared"). Can also come in handy on days out especially if you forget your normal camera.

Also digital pictures can be more easily altered and distorted than film ones, easier for people to get out of paying up. Not sure digital pictures can be used for proof if it goes to court (could be wrong).
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Sorry to hear your bad news.
Where there any horses in transit at the time? Where they alright?

Id report them to the police anyway and if you see them again take their reg no.

Careless driving with the possiblity of animals in transit can be quite a big fine for them.

The road is actually the one I am moving too so will deffo keep eye out now. Actually got a camera in the glovebox (clever girl). But shock made me forget about that (stupid girl). Cheers for the sympathy Squirt said. xx
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jus an idea but if they were towin a horse box then why not visit all the local stables and horse related places