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FCS 09 Track Time *updated 20/03*

  mk 2 172
gunna book a session tommorow, i asume theres space? realy worrie about my brake got cheapo pads that get fad even when hammering for 5 mins on the road lol
I was out at Mallory last week and we stayed out for 30 minutes and it was great.

Really depends what your car is running on, my advantage is the 197 has uprates brakes.

There will be no harm in pulling into the pits and cooling down for a couple of minutes mid way. Take advise at sign on and from persons who have done it before.
  Bumder With A Buffer
I have just purchased some tracktime off someone on here who couldnt make it... Is there anything I need to inform you guys of at all?



I know we need our driving licence for track time but do we also need the counter part or just the photo card?