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FCS Weather Update

  clio 182 black /gold
It said that it should have rained on the Norfolk broads at the weekend just gone. It was real nice.
  Family Bus
It needs to be as sunny and hot as it was today :approve:

Bet is sodding pisses it down .
  Clio MK 4
Put it this way. This morning bbc weather said it would be cloudy where i live in the afternoon however we had nothing but sunshine lol.
  Evo 8 MR
Well its absolutely boiling here in sunny Blackpool so I've got high hopes for it being the same down in northants tomorrow. :)
  Coiley'd Clio PH2
Got my car in the garage just in time before that downpour!
Hope it doesnt rain over night.
  Titanium Clio 182
just rained for about 5 minutes here.
6 hours of washing, polishing and waxing down the drain.

kwik detailer......come :)


  Veccy 1.9 cdti
well if the weathers as nice as it's been today it will be great!

if you see a guy with the backs of his arms beetroot red, it's me!

damn spending 6 hours cleaning/polishing/waxing ect in full sun,lol