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Filler and Fibre glass!!

  Renault Clio Mk1 1.4 RT
Where do you get it from - seen th stuff in halfords but as i intend to use a fair bit on my car - both inside and out was wondering if there was anywhere good to get it!!

Also what brands would you recommend??


I've use Hgalfords filler and fiber glass kits beofre its not bad realy its a pian it get it right though.

FOr the price and availibality I'd get some and have a mess about.
The stuff in halfords is good but if you're doin a lot ure going to be looking for fibreglass and resin jus because the filler only comes in poxy little tubs and is well expensive.

Try to steer clear of the P38/P40 as well.

Have used the loctite filler, if quite good and easy to use but again only in small doses.

Having alot dont is best left to the profesionals.
If you want lots go to a paint shop. If you want lots and lots go to a boat builders.

For filler just go to a paint shop.

  Renault Clio Mk1 1.4 RT
Cheers gents, i want a fair bit of both tbh - got to do my bumpers and interior!!

Need a fair bit of filler to skim the top of my dash!!!

Looks like it will cost me more than i thought!!

Need fibreglass for door cards!!