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Finally I get my car back.

Tomorrow is the day i have waited for. I will finally get home from uni and get to drive the valver for the first time in just over 3 months. I CANT WAIT.:D

Its been garaged for all that time apart from my old man has driven it once a week to work (gonna have scuffed wheels).

Its also gone to the garage today to have my de-cat pipe fitted.
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

Hummm. Have you seen my opinion on de-cats mate.

I bet ur like a giddy 5 yr old with a new toy. ;)

When i got my valver insured at 10 oclock at night i did 300 miles without a break before it got put back on the drive. :D

My left leg murdered for 2 days (stiff phase 2 clutch).

I am more excited about getting my car than seeing my bird! lol.

One of my first races in it will be against my mates VR6 on the way to donny on friday. Can see myself getting an ass whoopin!


I am struggling with my assignment so it dont look like i will be getting home to my baby clio tomorrow, looks like its going to be thursday. I cant wait to take her for a good session!!

Its a Access database.

I can do it but its a group assignment but the rest of the group dont share the disire to get this done tonight and so seem to be on the internet all the time instead of working.

How can i motivate them?

Quote: Originally posted by Paul16V on 08 April 2003

Are you back after easter mate? I got loads of stuff to do for uni over easter

Having a week and bit off for easter then back for the second week of easter as i have a massive assignement due in a week later.

Its my final year so will be finished for good in sheffield. YEAR!! :D
  clio williams, Ph1 172

Tell em to get their acts together or you will put in the assignment that they did feck all hehe.

I will be in some of the time during easter i think. got loads to do myself. same boat as you mate.

I can tell them to get there act together but to be perfectly honest i ant doing any work (on here all the time). Just wish they where working though so we get it finished tonight.