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Finally got round to registering on this forum.........although I have been reading the banter for a few months now! You all seem pretty good natured and underworked enough to spend your days posting here, so I reckon I might just fit in :)

Am thoroughly enjoying owning this little kids car with a grown-up engine slapped in it, although I reckon I live in the worst place to get the best out of it!! London aint great......although I do get to practise a lot of accelerating/braking over very short distances!

Ok, now I have a gripe......Ive had the 172 since Feb and my coolant level is already at the minimum! And I have a horrible grating/knocking noise coming form the front left side of the car. Now, I hold my hands up and openly admit to having bugger all knowledge (well, some - but not much) of what goes on mechanically.......(sigh)......mental note to self to sort this out one day!

Im getting a little service done just to be careful at the end of the month and the guy at Renault reckoned the grating/knocking may just be my brakes......if anyone has encountered similar issues and knows better, please help!

Also, where has the coolant gone? I cant see any leaks and dont think it should be vanishing anywhere! Or am I being overly concerned? I guess I just want a few opinions before it goes to them.......

Anyway, sorry for the long(ish) post.

PS - Hi :D

Oooh - Ive got 2 stars by my name! Is this like a McDonalds thing where I get more if Im good and I post nice things and you take them away if I swear a lot and insult Citroens?

Ok, for Citroens in above post, please read Lada. Dont want to upset Kathy!! I had just finished reading that 5 page post from hell below this

Graham from.........hey I already told ya!! Clue - it starts with L, its very dirty and I reckon that there are only 6 peeps out of the 7 million living here who kow how to drive properly. Im one of them, honest! ;)

Give up? (sigh) - London