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Firefox help

Any body know why my firefox wont play youtubes and the like? It askes me to DL the latest flash and install that, which I do...but still nothing! My Windows explorer plays them okay tho?!?!

I've seen this happen on other computers in IE, & Opera, but not in Firefox yet. Not sure why it happens, and in some cases it just fixes itself.
  Leon Cupra R 225
I had this problem but I installed some plugin on the microsoft site and enabled all the plugins in windows media player.

they now work :)
  Leon Cupra R 225
what windows media player do you have? just because I uninstalled version 11 and went back to 10 as this sorted the plugin problem which I think it was.

Don't give up on Firefox it's worth it in the long run over IE. Have you got Opera? If that does the same it's the plug in in media player(10)
If you're having problems configuring Firefox. Try Opera, it's better out of the box and doesn't need so much tweaking to get functionality. Worth a quick download to see if it fixes your problem. Worked for my old man :)
  Leon Cupra R 225
Agree with Roy use Opera for now instead of IE. Im still configuring my firefox as there's quite a few mods you can do to it. But it makes browsing easy
I'm actually thinking of going back to Opera. I'm getting tired of trying different extensions just to gain the same functions as Opera.

My biggest annoyance at the moment;

Opening a new link in a new tab (fine) but when I close the new tab, I want to go back to the original tab where the link came from, not the next closest in the tab bar. Maybe I'm missing something - Tab Mix Plus is the extension I'm using.