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Firing her up again...

My car has been more or less standing since late November, nearly 3 months in all! Ive used it once or twice to take it to the bodyshop on a very short, 1/4 mile journey, but thats been it. Ive also started the car about once every ten days to keep the electics running through the winter.

Im getting the wheels back towards the end of the week, so Ill finally be able to put her back on the road. My question is: should I just take it for a rag after its warmed up, or should I exercise more caution? I dont want to put any extra strain on bearings/valve seals etc as they wont have been oiled for months.

Also, my brakes look about as stuck on as stuck on gets - any ideas for freeing them?? Cheers :D
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Try putting the wheels back on and try to rock the car back and forward. Mine where stuck after a couple of weeks, took me a couple of mins but they came off eventually. Yours sound like they are a bit more welded on then mine though mate!

  ff 182

Alrite mate you out and about this weekend if so give me a shout cant wait to see the car.

Cheers Pete

Hey Pete. Am coming home on Thursday or Friday to pick up my de-cat and airbox, but Im not sure that Ill be staying the night on either day yet. It all depends on when I get the wheels - if its Thursday then its all ok, but if its late Friday, then Ill have to leave it until Monday at least becuase Im going to London on Saturday afternoon for the weekend. Hows the plans for the Cup coming on?
  ff 182

Hi mate not bad sort out money for it and insurance also looking to see if i can get it cheaper anywhere else.Well if ur around and about txt me or ring me mate?

Cheers pete