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First drive in a valver....

  Mini Cooper S JCW

went out for a test drive in peterborough in a redish valver, and i woz very impressed with the performance, certainly an improvement on my escort.

cant wait to get 1 now, just need to find the perfect one! :)

PS ne1 got a black valver 94 onwards for sale?!
  Mini Cooper S JCW

oh it just me, or just that car.... but the pedals are very awkard to use?? the position of where u have to put your foot on the pedal??

could just have been me or that car....has ne1 else thought or found it werid??


i think the accelarator pedal sits quite high, after a long journey my shin bloody kills!+the clutch gets a bit of gettin used too, its so much lighter in my RT. Glad you were impressed mate!

  Mini Cooper S JCW

yeah it took a bit of gettin used to, but i enjoyed it loads, the guy from the garage didnt mind it when i woz taking it to the rev limiter either :D

thats a b**ch, had the limiter kick in on me a few times, only cos im still gettin used to it. I go to overtake something in 2nd or 3rd dependent on speed and it pulls like a steam train and im half expectin that ive got a few more revs to go but lo and behold im already flying and then the limiter kicks in. I dont expect it to get that fast so soon but it does - very impressive car but if you look after it itll serve you well mate.

  Mini Cooper S JCW

mouths watering now! lol

i cant wait! ;o) might go look at a blue 1 with leather 2mos, but i reallllllly want black

hold out for what you want mate, really worth waiting and gettin the one. I waited 6 months till i saw the one i wanted, people said i was being stubborn but sod em ive got what i wanted in the end. TRUST ME MATE< HOLD ON AND GET THE ONE YOU WANT - youll be happier!! Oh and i made a pretty boy in a Z3 the other day think twioce bout messin with me!

  Mini Cooper S JCW

they really pull well in every gear i noticed, even in 5th just crusing. breaks were a bit iffy tho!?

also it looked like the heat shield/protective stuff around teh manifold had come away from the engine bay, it woz just resting on the manifold, at least i thinks thats wot it woz??

yep mate, thats the case in mine aswell. I need to get hold of a retaining nut but there not off the shelf items. Nowt to worry bout but its a little wrong that you want right if ya know what i mean.

  Mini Cooper S JCW

yeah i know wot ya mean, had a nice little aftermarket steering wheel on it as well, migt have been momo i think, very tidy indeed!

how far would u travel to go look at a car??? it woz about 115mile round trip 2day to have a look at this valver 2day.

lol at u 2

oh well yeah if u can then wait but you should just look out and get one that is in best condition mechanically and bodywork wise

ive had my valver for 2 years and although at times ive wanted to sell up, when i go for a blast in my valver i know ill be mad to sell up, soo much fun and look the b****cks,to be honest i would only swap my car for a willy 3 but there bit too prciey for the good ones and there still so damn hard to insure, valver is def a worthy hot hatch

one last thing, 16v will seem like a flying machine to a escort mate, but learn how to drive one properely and little will touch u,

find one, buy one and enjoy

  Mini Cooper S JCW

yeah il no doubt be asking for tips for driving them once i got 1 sitting on my drive :D

the guy woz a bit shocked at the fact i could get insured for about a grand on the valver and im only 19, how old are u fellow valver owners??? ne around my age?
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

I went 105 miles each way to fetch mine, but it was worth it, its a minter! You should definately hold out till you find the perfect one, be worth it in the end mate!

£1300 on mine mate and im 19 - BTW, i would travel anywhere to go and see one, did bout 250mile round trip to go get mine!

  Mini Cooper S JCW

sounds like u lot would travel a fair old distance, would u have gone to see it once? or would have returned a second time after u had a look?

I am 20 and i pay around 900ish fully comp. I travelled 5 miles to see my valver and bought it there and then :) I was lucky though :)

When you first get into the drivers seat in a Valver and take it for a spin youll think "wow - thats fast in every gear". But after a while youll come to realise that although it will have more pull in any gear than any Escort bar a Cossie, it pulls much, much harder after 4500rpm.

Thats the way to drive one too if you want to go after the 328is and so on. Because if you get caught at low revs, then youll find yourself really fighting to shake off Turbo-Diesel rep-mobiles and "lesser" hot hatches. Thats all there is too it really - rev them like hell. Problem with that is that you have to drive them sensibly at other times, or youll rag the sh!t out of your 16v!:(

Thats the real advantage of a Williams - it has torque at the lower revs, so it has Valver performance at lower revs. Youll notice that if you chase a Willy say out of a slip road in 2nd and youre at 3000rpm (but changing down to 1st would create too much wheelspin), then the Willy will get ahead. But off the mark and at high revs, theres very little difference apart from gear ratios.

What garage in pboro did you go to to have a look at it, or was it private?

Just wondering cos i live just outside pboro & might be able to tell you if the garage is any good!

My ins is just over £300 fully comp

Lovely looking car mate at a decent price, probably due to the miles. Dont be put off by 90k miles as the cars take it, but only if its had all the work done to it.

By this mileage Id want a new alternator, starter, cambelts, auxillary belt and possibly the water pump. If not, then prepare for big bills - as I had to endure. Also look to see if it has new steering rack, heater matrix, rear callipers, diffs, CVs, wheel bearings and top strut mount bearings at the front. These will go in the next 10-20k miles if not already done.

Also see if theres been any work done to the gbox. Thats another expensive engine out job.

A lot will depend on what the previous owner(s) were like - as a rule of thumb, the less of them the better as they will have endured the big bills. Lots of owners means that theyre bailed out either before or after a big bill.

Good luck!:D

I picked up my blue 92 k plate for £1700. 64k & all the old mots. :D Ive had to have a new clutch & its going in for an engine mount & driveshaft roll pin this week, but id rather spend that purchase cash & put some little niggles right than fork out a fortune both ways!

Oh....mine had FSH as well...