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Fitting central locking


ClioSport Club Member

I want to try and fit central locking to my 1.2 RL, if i strip out all the gear from an RT i.e the door actuators and linkages mounting ect, can i just plug them stright into the iso connectors on the doors? i.e is all the wiring already in the car to power it ? or am i going to have to take my dash off and wire it all up.
As i looked at my doors and the ISO blocks seem to have loads of wires and are already look connected up.

so im guessing just a case of mounting the stuff in and fitting the switch in centre console for lock and unlock

anyone have previous experiance ?

Should be able to just plug it in, only thing that might be missing is the wiring for the remote sensor.
Only really need the door locks, relay and switch.


Or just pay a bloke i know to fit it all, 5doors and to wire in a thatcham1 alarm working off fobs for £60!