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fitting forge hoses

  Clio 182 & Supra
morning people. i took delivery today at last of my forge collent hoses. now im slightly confused. those of you who have fitted them, what are the two little bits from the two heater hoses suppose to go and how are you suppose to connect the small ones to the main bottom one. am i missing something?

the small bits from the heater hoses


ClioSport Club Member
  172 Cup Turbo
Looks like your missing a joiner and two jubilee clips, it needs to be a ribbed joiner, then jubilee clip the ends onto the plastic parts off your old hoses that plug onto the heater matrix :)
  Clio 182 & Supra
its all done now. on the way into work i picked up some ribbed joiners and jub clips from LBA supplies and fitted them this evening. looking good!
  Clio 182 & Supra
of f the top of ny head no. but i can check my lna catalogue and sed if it jogs my memory. the whole lot only cost 3 quid as well!