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  Clio v6

It is a good thing to have flames coming out of your exhaust? or does it mean something isnt quite right?

One for the techys please.

Think its just a little flamer kit that goes on by you tailpipe. So I wouldnt think it cause any harm...

I seen a R5 with flames because it was over fluing causing it to pink.
  BMW 320d Sport

Flames mean unburnt fuel in the exhaust system. If your V6 is flaming then you wanna get it seen to Dash. The air/fuel ratio must be slightly off,and fuel will damage the cat if its going down the manifold.
  Clio v6

No flames on my car thanks Neil. I was just reading a post and it seemed "cool" to be having these. Just wondered if it was really "cool"?
  Clio 1.8 16v

yes that was my post,it only has a little flame coming out because when you floor it over 4500rpm there is alot of fuel being pumped in there,when you let go of the accelerator for a fraction of a sec fuel is still being pumped in and your engine does not need all that petrol so when you tap the accelerator it burns all excesive fuel in your exhaust!!!think i have got that right if it dont make sence its because i have had a bit to drink because i have 2 flat tyres so its a night in for me


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

My mates EvoVI used to spit BIT flames out on trackdays!!!

Used to pop the odd one out on the road too, but you have to have the Apexi fuel computer turned up and the exhaust has to be glowing hot, so very rarely happened on the road.

This was meant to do it though!
  BMW 320d Sport

Well I got a big bang from the exhaust downpipe today for the first time. Running 100 nitrous jets and full throttle gearchange did it.

DIY flame spitter kit by Captn Slarty.

(Dont try this at home unless you are slightly deranged )

ok, at the box end of the tailpipe you wled a short piece of 13 mm stub pipe angled roughly to the exhaust outlet..

inset a spare fuel injector in the hole and hook up to the pressurised fuel supply..

near the end of the exhaust, thread a piece of nichrome wire - this will glow red with the heat fro the exhaust ..

all you need to do is have a switch driving a simple oscillator that turns the injector rapidly on and off at an adjustable frequency..

hit the switch when the exhaust is warm and ooooooooooooo la laaaa.... lol

Bif fukorf flame thrower...

great when some barsteward is hanging on to yer rear bumper too...


gotta try tht!
im still into the turn off ignition, wait a sec or 2, turn on ignig....BANG and huge flame.
anyway, gotta have a carb though! hehe, can scare people at the bus stop easy!

isnt this flame stuff a little dogdy? Couldnt fire go back into the fuel line and go bang?!

We do it at work with their vehicles, Get up to around 3000rpm on straight road, take foot off throttle, turn off ignition, turn back on to see large flame and huge bang. Longer you leave ignition off louder bang and bigger flame. Do it on straight road cause you momentarily lose power-steering whilst ignition is off. Dont do it if youve got a cat fitted
  Nissan R35 GT-R

Natural flames (i.e. no flamer kit) are caused when the driver lifts off the throttle at high revs.

This is because the air meter accounts for a load of air, but the butterfly is snapped shut, meaning only some of the air actually enters the cylinders, but this air contains an amount of fuel in proportion to what the air-meter has told the ECU (too much)!

This fuel cannot burn as there is not enough oxygen present, this is also true all the way down the exhaust pipe, but as the fuel vapour exits the tail-pipe, it meets oxygen in the air and ignites because of the heat.

Flames are un-common with standard exhausts because the CAT treats the unburnt fuel in an attempt to reduce emissions (so the fuel will not burn).

Hope I didnt send u all to sleep - Laurence

Get a rev limiter on your car and set it to hard cut. Dial inthe revs at say 3000rpm and go for a drive. With a straight through exhaust system u can have two foot blue flames out the rear and it popping and spitting like an irrate girlfriend

I must have said this before, but my mate got a straight thro exhaust with all the little boxes and silencers taken out, just the rear box on the back. This was on his old E30 320i Six cylinder BMW. It took 4* petrol and after kaning the living POO out of the car and downshifting gears this thing used to throw out tiny blue explosions out of the exhaust. I scared off a few of those people who drive up you A*SE with this car. And it used to make a great Popping noise:devilish:

mine pops and spits the odd flame under heavy acceleration on the gear change, it good, the old 16v lump on the standard chip used to pop and spit alot more (too much) after the cat as taken out, now with the williams engine and the hill power chip it isnl;t as bad, guess the fueling is more accurate (i hope)

If you have a CAT it is impossible to get flames. get a straight through dash, it should sound demonic...

blurb - If unburnt fuel goes near the cat, it is destroyed very (VERY) quickly. Hence you shouldnt bump start any car with a cat converter on it. so the manual says?
  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah anti lag is *kind of* the same thing as full throttle gearchange; it keeps the fuel going when you change gear, which goes into the cylinder and straight out again, causing an explosion in the manifold, thus keeping the turbo spinning as if you still had your foot down. I hear it can be a bit disconcerting if youre not used to the car wanting to keep going on when youve let off the accelerator!
  BMW 320d Sport

That first vid reminds me of the Blair Witch Project and the second one is even more bizarre, especially the subliminal image of someone having a pint for a split second at the end! Weird stuff, but yeah that Sierra does flame quite nicely.

Adam - have you had flames out of yours yet? Plenty I would have thought...

No mate no flames as yet as i cant afford to mod the exhaust as i can just about afford the insurance now!!! Anyway its plenty quick enough at the moment, but next summer the mods will commence!

What lancer thing, remind me.

p.s hows things with you and your motor? What did wongy do with his valver?
  BMW 320d Sport

Wongys still got his, he keeps dreaming about something Jap and turbocharged for next year. Leighs just returned from the dead after breaking his leg and going mysteriously quiet for a couple of months. Mines just blown up on the rollers at BB so its gonna have to be taken apart to see what the damage is. So no surprises in the world of Clios mate!

a mate of mine in an Evo 5 got the anti lag system installed. Spit out nice flame at nite but I heard that the turbo can get a bit banged up with several thousands of Kms due to being on full boost n so forth all the time....