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fli or flu

alright peeps, has anyone got the fli or flu sub active, its produced by vibe i think, are they any good. cos there quite cheap

the FLI Trap subs are disasterously bad, another new company on the market that try to take technology from other subs and fail miserably

with In Car Entertainment, you get what you pay for, they are cheap for a reason. They are sh*te

I bought a Fli sub the other day as it was only £80, and it had blown by the time the first song had finished. so i took it back, they replaced it, and its been working fine so far... sounds punchier than my JBL... imo, seems like a good buy if your on a budget..


Quote: Originally posted by justinRT on 29 July 2005
it had blown by the time the first song had finished. so i took it back, they replaced it,

id have demanded my money back, i think a whole 5 minutes use before it blew says a lot about the quality of a brand

cheers guys, i reckon il aviod buying one, think i just buy a vibe active instead. but im stuck on the 12 or 10 inch.

im in thwe same boat as you matey

im weighin up 10 or 12 in vie active!!!

apparantly 10" is ample but the 12" is so tempting :devilish:

i got it from halfords, only £80 so wasnt expecting much, just until i can afford something better, tryin to buy my first house just now, so the money is mainly going towards that.

the one they gave me has been working ok so far! fingers crossed!

yeah mate, i reckon id just get the 12, seening as id probally regret not getting the 12 if i get the 10. plus its only like 60 odd quid more. hope its a wise decision hehe
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how much are you looking to spend, what music do you listen to, do you already have an amp to power a sub, and if so what model is it