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Flickr Problem

I have a little problem with Flickr, my MBP won't let me right click/ctrl click and copy image location etc, so I can't copy any of my pictures from flickr.

It's the same in both firefox and Safari, but I can do this on any other shot, for instance google images and shots from here.

Anyone got any ideas?


ClioSport Club Member
  Gentlemans spec 200
Click the all size's button at the top of the pic, then gives you the url


  Focus TDCi
I think they've changed something with the permissions; I can't do it either with my photos. You can do it if you go All Sizes -> Medium though. Must be some weak form of copyright protection I guess.
  182 & Porsche 986
i normally used to drag the pic into the address bar, but now its this new tagging thing instead. :/
  RS Megane DCi 175
Mine occasionally doesn't load any images - literally text and placeholders. Have to refresh a few times for the images to load. Been that way for a week or so. :S