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FOA Capt. Slarty

Hi there Capt.

Any chance of ytou being able to do the AP-22 day this weekend? Myself, Paddy and Craggy are all free....are you?!


There are some decent roads that I have found around the Sheffield side of Snake Pass. The Peak District will be fairly busy on a Sunday, but one of the roads Im thinking of has a pub nearby. We could park the cars up there and take it in turns to go up to the long, flat, straight bit of road which is just a mile or two away from the pub. The road is quite small and I wouldnt want to block it up or annoy people by parking a load of Clios on it all at the same time, but Im sure wed be quite welcome at the pub

If you can think of something better at your end, by all means say so. Doesnt make much difference to me,


Im in Leeds not too far from shefield wouldnt mind joining you.

any chance you can email me the details if your going

M@thew - you have mail.

Paddy - Calm down! Capt. is the man with the machine....have to get his say so first

Should be good though - hopefully have four 172s and a Williams, whichll be nice

Yeah, definitely earlier the better. The roads out there tend to get busy by 11am, so before then would be good. What does eveyone who is coming think then? 9am too early for a Sunday?!

Will drive out later on and find out what time the pubs out there will be open. I guess itll be from 11am or something.




got the ap22, the laptop and the sony digi cam.. so should be good.

anyoe with a dirty car will be executed and pictures posted here..


Capt - Bearing in mind what you were saying about the bumpiness of the road screwing up the AP-22 data, Ive been out and had another look. There is a wider, flatter, smoother piece of road a similar distance away from our meeting point to the other road. The down side is that it is not as secluded and will probably be busier which is why I originally rejected it. However, on looking again, Ive discovered that it has a couple of lay-bys that are completely hidden from the road. While these are no good for racing down, we could park all the cars up in these to avoid arousing undue suspicion from passers by! Have to see what you reckon tomorrow....


no probs Rhys..

yep, the bumps will upset the AP a wee bit.. however, whichever road we use, the data as a comparative, will be excellent.

on a flat surface, the ap22 will read a figure you can take to the bank.

I will have the laptop too, so we can dump each run to the lappy, on monday I can graph the results and email them to each of us.

any non 172 mk2 owners coming, can you look up the Cd (Coeeficient of drag), and the weight of the car unladen. We can input these figues directly into the unit.

We can also do 1/4 mile timings if enough space

Joe.. Looking forward to meeting up tomorrow.

Not in youre league

would love to have yet another majore drive!!!!!!

Can someone e-mail me

Dam early start
  320d M Sport

Hello All.

Damn fine weather for it aint it? Anyway, like Joe says, Looking forward to eventually meeting you all. Ive spent £40 on Autoglym stuff today so if we could get soem quality pics of our cars together that would be a great bonus.
See you all tommorow, Ive passed my moby number to Rhys in case anyone needs it.

Paddy-polishing away....
  BMW 320d Sport

Seeing as this thread is FAO Captain Slarty, maybe you can sort this out Joe...theres a geezer in Iceland wanting to do a engine transplant into a 1.2 Clio (I think) and hes serious about wanting to squeeze a 172 lump in there and ship it out from the UK.

Im sure on another thread you were talking about a scrapped 172 lump with all the ancillaries, ECU etc, but I cant find it. LMK.

Paddy, I will be taking the m60 south / east, thrn the M67.. we could meet up at the end of the 67 ??.. say about 8:15 am ?? there must be a roundabout or something ?


ps Nick.

there is a damaged 172 at

they also have some new units in stock. The damaged one would have all the bits too. Hope that helps.


be rude not to!!

major early one but what the hell

More fun and running in

found the map (Cheers Rhys)

Looks a great place from my very very busy area!!!

looking forward