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Focal Polyglass 130 V2’s are in...

  BMW 120i Sport

...and sound absolutely amazing coupled with a 12" Vibe sub.

Totally blown away, I was sceptical as to how good they could actually be, but they are superb. Vocal reproduction is accurate and smooth, trebles are crisp but not harsh, the whole reproduction of music is so detailed in the mid range - im hearing sounds/instruments in the soundstage I never noticed before.

A quick spin of Fallin by Alicia Keys revealed spine tingling vocal clarity with the piano reproduced as well as it is on my dads high end HiFi kit. The whump of the RnB bass that comes in after about 45 seconds was nice and solid from the Vibe unit.

Hats off and a huge thanks to EvilJohn for his professional masterpiece of an install - this wasnt possible without your installing skills! :cool:
  BMW 120i Sport

I dont have the slim ones, just the normal ones.

They fit "just", and i mean only just. It looks like when you hold them in the socket that they need a spacer, but when you screw them in with the gasket they sit flush - truly a ball hair in it.

You cant beat focals! they sound amazing! good choice mate!

ive got a set of focal polykevlar 3 way components in the front of my clio in a custom build! and i really would never go back! love em to bits!

glad ur happy with them :)

Djw John

Scotland - South
ClioSport Area Rep

They really are the mutts nuts, so impressed with them.

No worries with the help, thanks for the rattle damping on my Alpine and teh chippy!!

Next time I buy components itll be Focals

i personally find focals to be too top heavy, very tinny

would much rather own a set of genesis speakers, much warmer IMHO
  BMW 120i Sport

Comes down to opinion, the Focals are bright but you can tone it down with the crossover (variable levels depending on positions). I found the Genesis too warm and lacking in upper range you see, so you must prefer less treble ;).