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Focus Rs

  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Mate of mine has one - bit of a max power interior, but nice looking on the outside and go quite well too.


Saw one the other day parked up, didnt like the colour to be honest. I know a car dealer who has sold a couple and he didnt enjoy driving it at all, I value his opinion as he has sold everything from Mini Cooper Ss to Ferrari 288 GTOs. He said the best hot hatch he ahd ever driven was a Pulsar GTI-R. Got to love the seats though!

There are 2 in close proximity where I live. Not bad looking, exterior styling is quite discrete, not loud with huge wings and spoilers everywhere and fat exhausts, but has a "menacing" stance unlike anyother Fords, though not too keen on the interior.

That diff would put me off, especially considering the state of the roads my way!

I think they look great, looked a lot bigger in the flesh, very tall I thought. I think they have the same track as the WRC cars, they really are very squat. Nice.

The local garage near where I live has one. Looks nice and chunky - bit understated. I love the alloys tho. Someone that has driven it may have had a diff incident because the last time I saw it there was a lot of crash damage down one side LOL

I think there was an engine problem that delayed it but cant remember the full story. I dont think torque steering is the prob its the animal of a diff. Opinions differ as too whether this is dangerous or not - I wouldnt mind a shot of one to make up my own mind as I have have owned "torque steering disaters" before myself and loved them. Hopefully the bad press will bu66er second hand prices!
  ST 225, PH1 172

They must have been developing it on the smoothest track for 2 years, then when they tested it on the road, must have thought, oh f*ck, then the rest of the time spent trying to sort it!

Bet its fab-diddly-tastic on the track though!


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Guy at work has an RS and I park near/next to it a lot...

Looks hard as nails in the flesh and theres an ST170 here too, which just looks crap in comparison.

A bloke near my house has just got one too now.

Yeah i agree with what 172man has said there, it would be great on track but then why not have a more focused machine like a caterham which is alot better? Though to be fair the people behind the car wanted it to be fairly uncompromised and for some european countries im sure the diff would be ok.


ClioSport Club Member
  Lazy v8

i saw 1 come flying round the corner at me the other day he was in the middle of the road and i jumped on my brakes and he swerved and looked pretty sh*t up but it did a good job of swerving.

talking about caterhams there is a guy down the road with 1 the body is 100% carbon and its not painted so u can see the carbon pattern and my god it goes like sh*t off a shuvel.


Yeah i saw some in the papers saying offers over list considered. I wouldnt expect to pay under list but i would no way pay over it.

Seen one on the autotrader for 17/18k, havent seen lower yet. There are some on there for 22k and ive seen people on some forums admitting paying over the odds:confused:

I quite like the look of them and will probably one day be stupid enough to own one (due to my 1 car per year ratio), but the best description ive seen is on scoobynet where someone called it a Hedge Seeking Missile LOL

It has its imperfections, but it one of the very few cars at the moment that would keep rather than sell if I was given one for free.

Thats how I decide which cars I like or not!!