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Fog Light lens

Just seen that my front fog light lens is cracked! How much will it be to replace it?

Can I just replace the lens or is it a whole unit?




Thinks its a whole unit and the bumper has to be removed to get to it as well I rhink. (Take it its on a Cup?)



Im sure you do have to take the bumper off, to change the headlamp you do have to take the bumper off, looking at my extreme (slightly different bumper) you do have to take off the bumper as I can see no other way of accessing it.



ClioSport Admin
  Maserati Ghibli S

If its the same as my 172 Mk1 you just unscrew it, real easy job, you dont need to remove the bumper.

take the fog cover off (black thing) and the fog light is 58 quid, sealed unit.

Cant buy just the cover.