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Fog Light Loom

  Abarth Grande Punto

Does anyone know where I can get one for my 1997 r clio!

My dealer is cr@p and cant get one!

any help would be wicked.


Not sure what you mean, are you trying to replace and existing loom for foglights you already have, or are you wishing to fit your own fogs. You can easily make one up for your Clio for a matter if a few squid on a relay, wires and connectors. Could give you a few pointers ,if you wanted, if you explain what you wish to do.

Alex M
  Abarth Grande Punto

lovely cheers mate.

Well my 97 clio didnt come with fogs so im adding them. I have the relay, switch and lamps the only thing i dont have is the wiring loom to go from the switch to the lamps. I was a bit unsure becuase they have funny connectors, or should i say non standard!

if you can help that would be great!
  Skoda Fabia vRS

ive removed my fogs, from my 1992 RT, so maybe i could remove the loom an sell it you ?