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For comparison....Saxo RR Day @ RE Bury

  320d M Sport

Kinda on topic i suppose....If you went to the Bury RR day in Aug and did a run heres the SSC version, note a few CTRs there as well. Good to get a comparison I thought?

VTR______Y368 UEN_____87
VTS______S412 XRJ_____106
VTS______W818 BCP_____112
R19______L382 UGJ_____136
1.1______P793 NDB_____56
FURIO____X993 CAN_____64
VTR______MJ51 JNU_____89
CTR______M202 WLC_____177
VTR______T492 LND_____85
VTR______Y602 OVT_____91
VTR S/C__T660 FGD_____127
GTI 6____X552 GAC_____149
306 RAL__T291 KCK_____142
VTR______K15 EVL______83
WESTIE___S713 FBN_____72
CORSA____N525 F??_____139
CUPRA____PN02 WZD_____126
CTR______MA52 VVK_____175
200 SX___N962 DLV_____164
ELISE____R175 WWR_____110
  320d M Sport

Sorry yep, all ATW, BTW i didnt put this up so we all go "ahahahaghaa!!" Just thought itd be good to see, there were some quick cars there by all accounts....
  320d M Sport

yeah, some have a little more though, wouldnt be surpised if most cars that went had mild tuning, ie filter + zorst as it was arrange through SSClub..

yep thats my 19 with 136bhp ATW although i am running a williams engine:) the guy who was running the cars was quite impressed with the engine as well. Made about 112lb/ft of torque as well almost constant from about 2500rpm to 6800rpm.

Quite impressed with the torque when compared to the CTR, that made 177bhp,(and only had a filter on it!) and made about 120lb/ft of torque
  williams and trophy

hehe hi phil mate

nice result that....i can vouch for this 19 being a quik un ........well until it comes to corners lol

mine pulled 125 lb/ft between 4500-5000nice and flat too oh and mailto:149@wheels">149@wheels


  Silver Fabia vRS

Those CTRs have got the power, more than most 172s at the flywheel although the torque on mine is 150lb/ft so around 30lb/ft more than a CTR. Probably explains why the 0-62 times are very similar?

2 live,

i have plans for the suspension!! and a little more power by next year, hopefully when next year arrives maybe ill be a little closer on the road to york!!

oh and ill leave the ICE and back seats at home as well... lol

  320d M Sport

No worries, got to say Ive been on the hunt for a VTS (to race) and all I ever see is VTRs with 16v badges, well annoying.

  320d M Sport

id say itd get beat to 60 then start to gain after that, really the VTS is a quick car........... just dont mention the 22 second 0-100. Oops....

  320d M Sport

i got 17.2....WITH joe as well! Im so gettin on the dragstrip next year, put my money where my mouth is!

  mk2 172

17.4 want it paddy?, cos mine was 17.3, slightly quicker i belive, and now mines sh*t loads faster it does low sixteens or high 15.s on the strip with good grip, id put money on it!
  mk2 172

ps, that was with williams settings (slightly better for the 172s;)) cos after joe saw my time he knew he couldnt get near so went for evry possible method of advantage, not much of a difference i know but it all adds up he he
  320d M Sport

sorry youre right, 17.4 indeed. It is quick that Williams, my mates gettin Fiat Coupe 20V Turbo. Hes gonna waste me as they do 0-100 in 14secs!!!!
  mk2 172

yeah i got beat by one at york, but dont think hell cream you too easy mate, yours is a quick one and one that ran 14.2 didnt leave me too much, although you will get beat, get him to race you round a corner!
  320d M Sport

Dont worry, he knows all too well Fiats dont handle......EVER! HE used to drive an Uno Turbo! Ill be there next year, on the dragstrip......cant wait.