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Fork Lift Truck Radiator?

  Monaco 172 + mk1 RSi
okay, so today i'm at work and im fixing a forklift, head skimmed and rad repair when it hit me, fork lift radiators have a seperate oil cooler part built in for hydraulic oil, now ive not looked into it no further but someone somewhere must have used one on a car, and im hoping the pro's on here are gonna tell me why its a good or bad idea ?

heres one for example

but linde trucks have some very nice aluminum rads in em ;) for example


  Monaco 172 + mk1 RSi
i didnt know that! very intresting, im going to see if i can scrounge one off an old truck lol
  Monaco 172 + mk1 RSi
Although I now know many cars come with them, I'm still wondering if anyone has put one on a track car instead of having a separate oil cooler? Especially one off a forklift :)
  E36 M3. 182
Id have thought it would be do-able, as long as the cores suitable (shape, capacity, airflow, pressure rating etc...) and the whole assembly fits. However, if its air/water and air/oil, you may as well use separate coolers surely..... unless the packaging is massively better...