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Forum Idea!

Would anyone be able to set these threads up so they e-mail us when someone replies to a thread you post on???

Would save us trying to remember what threads weve replied on.......

Anyone else think this is a good idea or is it just me being a lazy ****????


they use this feature on a few other boards - quite cool, but I already get about 600 e-mails a day... do I want more?

Yea! Its fun making filters :)


Perhaps you shouldnt be so damn popular then!!!! Lol

;) I just thought it might make life easier for a few people
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it would be good yea, but it would use up a lot of server time and make the boards more costly, and probably slower


ClioSport Admin
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I have this option available to me, but it causes such a massive overhead on the server and bandwidth, I dont want to switch it on. Sorry.