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Free texts

Not exactly technology but to do with computers. Can anyone give me some links to sites where you can send FREE text messages?All the one's i've found have made your register then fool you into sending a text that it then send to you and the recipent trying to charge us.
Yeah that's the one i used to tried and tried it again but it seems to says their an error with most of my texts and doesn't seem to like my pop up blocker either any others you use?
Orange....£35 a month, unlimited free text, 550 anytime/any network mins and a free handset....bargain..
i'm on o2 pay and go and my 400 texts a month for £11.99 normally do me fine just not this month.Does sound a very good deal though just a shame i havn't got it right now!
new lady friend then? ;)

i'll have another quick route for free sites but dont really use em, i get unlimited texts >: D
  nissan primera :(
You can allways come over to New Zealand, because Vodafone have free texing weekends, every weekend. Unlimited texts!!!:D
  a clio when i can drive:D
the o2 sites good i think you get about 10 free texts on there last time i saw
Yeah i'm registered on the o2 website and used ten texts the night i posted this. I just logged back on to send me more as i thought it was ten free a day, i take it you get ten a week?I would buy them but to buy them it takes credit from your phone,if i had credit on my phone why would i be sending them from a website,they should think it through lol!

Just tried lycos too they've started charging for texts unless you buy and email account!
I registered with them the other day, seemed quite dodgy i registered then sent my txt and it sent me one saying write back ok the confirm and also to the recipient. The terms and conditions were it cost you £3.00 per week.
I suppose their just aren't any truly free text sites out their anymore which is a shame because i'm so so skint this month!