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Front bumper....rrrrrrraaaaaaaaagggggggeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sorry about that im calm again now. Just got off the phone to that renault breakers, just renaults and they havent got any bumpers! im desperatly in need of one now coz ive been looking for months, does anyone no of any other specialist renault breakers? or anyone who has got one?? ive posted on the wanted page but still no luck....

there was talk of these being £100 now from renault, check with them, if so great, If that is the breakers in wolverhampton/walsall you wouldnt have any change from £100 notes anyway.

The bumper that lofty is selling sounds pretty much identical to whats wrong with mine.. its slightly loose which i spose is the mountings is there any chance that i could repair my front bumper or mounts??

There is a scrappy in Buckinghamshire that specialise in French cars mainly Renaults they will probably have one. They are called A5 salvage, i have been there many time in have gotten parts for my old clio and they have been pretty helpful. Try directory enquires for the number of let us know if you have any probs.