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Front Fog Lights

Found a set of fog lights, wiring and interior dashboard switch from a Mk2 Ph2 Clio at a scrappy's, the guy wants £60 for the lot, do you reckon this is a good price? And how easy are they to fit?
  Audi TT 3.2 V6
sound price mate, youll need the mounting brackets as well. the foggiess and brackets are ded easy to fit, they just push in. not got round to fitting a new stalk yet for my foggies though so cant comment on that
I'll see if I can't wangle the mounting brackets off the guy for free! Mite just pinch them when he's not looking! Will I need a fuse or a relay to let the lights work properly?
Am I better off buying the full fog light kit from Renault? As the scrappy that I was going to get them from has cracked 1 of the lenses. Does the kit from Renault include the wiper stalk? Cheers for any info :)
  BMW M135i
You won't get a fog light kit from renault, just the seperate items and i'll be WELL over £60 for the lot. With that you've got the lot and will just need a new light which cost £35 from gsf as above.