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Front shock collapsing + Brake carrier play


ClioSport Club Member
Hi Guys,

Recently fitted some Eibach Sportlines to my 182. Car rode really well before fitting them but seems quite bouncy now.

I didn't think anything of it at the time but while off the car, the front shock absorbers would just compress under their own weight. There was still resistance on the way up but as soon as they were pulled up they would slowly flop down again. Does this mean they are knackered?

In addition to this, I've noticed a little bit of brake squeal so I had a look. The Drivers front caliper has some play in it, I checked all the bolts and its bolted up properly. At rest I can just wiggle the carrier around with my finger by a few mm. Car is braking well otherwise, is the caliper knackered?

Also does anyone know the size/type of nut to replace the nut on the top of my struts? Mine are getting a little rounded.

Which direction is the play in? It's impossible to see anything in your video moving besides the camera! These callipers are single piston & hence are designed/required to slide towards/away from the engine as brake pressure is applied so that both pads are applied evenly.

The damper shouldn't compress under the weight of it's own damper rod. Either broken shims in the bump direction or a loss of gas/oil. Both would of these causes would also reduce damping force which, with stiffer aftermarket lowering springs especially, would lead to a front end that takes a long time to settle after hitting a speed bump/crest/railway crossing etc. If you slide the bump stop/dust boot up you should just be able to see the top of the damper body. Is it greasy/signs of oil?

Can't remember the size of the damper top mount nut. Definitely metric but seem to remember it was a funny pitch. From memory it's just a flange nut with nylock so once you find the size you should be able to find one on ebay (eventually).


ClioSport Club Member
how bad was the earthquake? did it do much damage?
Sorry for the shaky video, my phone is trying to stabilise everything.

The play in the caliper is lateral, as in along the direction of the pins. Almost like the piston isn't tight to the pad. Possibly the pins?

Top of the dampers were dirty but not greasy, I cant check as they are currently on the car it didn't click until I noticed the bouncy ride. If they should'nt be sinking under their own weight then its just a case of replacing them anyway right?

Found the top mount nuts on ebay, 7700426450 if anyone needs

Thanks a lot for your detailed reply