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fUbAr’s new car *pics*

Quote: Originally posted by R20 CWH on 12 March 2005

smart mate, enjoy, how have you found the differences?!?!
its easier for me to list the similarities.....

They both have a Renault badge
They both have a Clio Badge
The End.


thanks also to Day172 for the ride over there, and for fitting the new lights for me :)

[Edited by fUbAr on 12 March 2005 at 7:46pm]

and thanks to NikC172 for us turning up enexpected this morning at his house lol
  Illiad V6 255

Ha ha ... modding it already :D Assume its the side repeaters youve changed?

Has been a great un for me ... so hope you enjoy it just as much. Despite the V6 coming Im still sad to see it go ... but at least its to a good home wholl take care :D

give me time! lol silvervisions and bluevisions are on their way.

an hour after buying it, it had Mk2 lights on the back, and now its got clear repeaters.

Andy had already done a great job with the Eibach Pros, pipercross filter and K-Tec twin 3 zaust. Nice subtle mods is the way to go... ill do it proud Andy :)


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Quote: and thanks to NikC172 for us turning up enexpected this morning at his house lol

No probs, impeccable timing, just as id got in the shower :p

The car looked MINT, im sure your going to love it.

No more altitude related jokes for me now though :(

Quote: Originally posted by Darren16v on 12 March 2005

Very nice mate. Will keep an eye out for it on the mean streets of Bournemouth.
still aint spotted you yet, what colour is yours again, blue aint it?

handling is very different, greatly improved... mainly because i went from a monster truck 1.4 to eibach pros on a 172 lol.

torque steer is a b**ch lol.

nope, super Ls are going... car will be in the trader as soon as i can be bothered... and the super Ls will be going for a bargain price.

[Edited by fUbAr cos he cant spell on 12 March 2005 at 11:01pm]
  A well built VW

Bargain price tell me more ?? i thought these would have sold by now

[Edited by The Big Yin as he is spmming to get more posts LOL]

Chili Red

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Lovely car Fubs! Congrats and Im sure youll love it (y). I hear the previous owner was right dodgy though <runs awaaaaay>


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  A35 AMG

:D Gorgeous Fubar... hope your loving it.. but then, its very hard not too..

Theres a mids meet next weekend.. would love it see it!

Quote: Originally posted by LadySubstanze on 13 March 2005
Ooooo!!!! 172 :devilish: Never ever bring it to a meet in Essex i might steal it like Brians... haha ;)

LOL at lady sub!!