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Fuel leak

  RS Clio Cup172
Does anyone know which of the two lines send or returns fuel as you are underneath looking towards the engine?

I've discovered a cut/leak on the drivers side line.
Any tips on a temporary repair to get it to a garage? I was thinking of cable ties and industrial rubber piping.

  RS Clio Cup172
Mine is the 172cup sept2002 registered first batch 500 if that helps?

I've been recommended to try epoxy as a temporary fix to get it to a garage so off to halfords...
  RS Clio Cup172
UPDATE: My local garage has repaired the hose line successfully but I will change anyway once I can find the right part.

The fuel hose line damaged has been discontinued by RUK and RPD have given me the part number (8200 026 260) to try find aftermarket part... ANY HELP?

The other line is in stock with part number: 166846988R

These both run under the car.
  RS Clio Cup172
Thanks for the link - I will get on that now
The left line nearest exhaust was damaged and leaking fuel so the drivers side line must be the carbon canister line which RPD say is still in stock.