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Fully Comp - 3rd party on other cars

Does anyone know of a insurance company that are mod friendly and also let under 25's drive other cars 3rd party on a full comp policy.
Give Peart Assurance a go, the number for them is on the modified insurance thread started by Big Yin.

If you and he both go with them, then tell them I want some commission! lol


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Not sure thats possible mate, i think you have to be 25...Thats the golden mile stone.
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under 25's u want HIC i think. could be wrong tho iv had 4 insurance companies in past 8 months! lol its one of them. pretty sure its HIC tho!
None of the above mentioned companies let you drive another car third party if your under 25. If you think they do then ring them up again i got told by one company I could. I rang back to check and they said only if your over 25.
Looks like every company under the sun has stopped this 3rd party cover unless your over 25 the only one I've foudn who don't are HIC but they have a clause where the car needs to be insured by someone else.

Anyone any recomendations for how to drive a car 3rd party.